SadaPay Launching Soon For Digital Pakistan Payments

Sadapay the another exciting digital payment system is launching soon in Pakistan with the free visa debit card.


As we all know the technology has now integrated almost fully in our lifestyle and now we need money transfer through digitally therefore that kind of services are gaining popularity fastly.

Easypaisa, jazzcash and other traditional banking apps successful launch after that the sada pay is now launching soon in Pakistan for freelancers and common user mobile payment channel.

Sadapay App

Like other mobile payment system applications sada pay is providing mobile convenience for paying your bills top up your mobile balance and for your day today regular payments with mobile phone just in the app.

Technology Made banking simple and now anyone can Manage their financial matters through the mobile applications therefore we need that kind of services for convenience and centralised control environment to fulfil the requirement of payments industry securely.

Gone are the days to waiting for queue for your utility bill payment and submission the documents to send your money to abroad and to another City.

Free Transactions

The people who are involved in sending money to abroad or another city and working away from their family, they know the hassle a lot of sending money to their family members for their requirement worries of high fees and other things and waiting for 10 to 20 days for receiving funds to relatives for their Needs.

That’s why we call traditional banks a mafia who took advantage of the common man’s compulsions but only thing is permanent in this world which is change and the nature changes their time and give advantages to prove justice sustainable for humanity.

Claim Free Visa Debit Card

If you are early interested in sadapay initiative then you can claim your free visa debit card. When the sada pay will launch you will receive the further details from the sada pay customer representative team for the documentation and KYC process.

Claim your free SadaPay debit card, with 3 free cash withdrawals per month at over 14,000 🏧s across Pakistan. For security, you can freeze the card if it’s been misplaced πŸ₯Ά, disable online transactions πŸ’», or turn off international transactions all together 🌏 …all from within the SadaPay app

Geplaatst door SadaPay op Woensdag 3 juli 2019

Through this Visa debit card you can cashout your paper money through ATM three times a month with zero fees according to sadapay as mentioned on their website and also you can use on international websites for online payments.

Join the wish list before the final launch and you will get free visa debit card upon sadapay successful launch.

Submit your full name email phone number and you will instantly get the welcome email from SadaPay.

In the email you will get details of getting your free visa debit card and your account KYC process when sadapay will become live.

SadaPay For Freelancers

As the news is revolving in media lot of time that Pakistan economy is struggling for good levels and therefore Pakistan need dollars and have to made exports good for getting better results for economy.

Paypal in Pakistan?

Have you lost a client because they only wanted to pay with Paypal? 😳 #pakfreelancers #paypalpakistan #freelancepakistan

Geplaatst door SadaPay op Woensdag 9 oktober 2019

#DigitalPakistan initiative is started in Pakistan recently to Made Technology industry in live for Pakistani youth and build opportunities to take part and made the Pakistan economy good therefore sada pay is upcoming live example of receiving dollars in Pakistan become easy especially for freelancers, because they faced lot in past when they are working remotely for international customers and in receiving earning as PayPal and visa/master card blocked/unsupported in Pakistan.

Sadapay integrating their system with international payment systems for dollars conversions into Pakistani Rupees and should be convenient for freelancers to withdraw their earnings.

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