October 22, 2021


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Earn Rs 200 WIN PSL Tickets By Konnect HBL


HBL Digital Payment Transfer Application Konnect Introduces Promotional Program with the title of inviting your friends who haven’t register their account on Konnect App, you will earn PKR 200 on per unique registrar also you have chance to win free PSL by HBL Tickets To watch Live match in the stadium.

We have covered in our previous updating or introductory post where you can read what is Konnect app and how you can use it + how it works and what is their competence.

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Invite & Earn Rs 200 On Konnect.

Konnect By HBL is providing a promotional program opportunity to those who have a bigger digital circle to make some money of Rs 200 on per Unique Registrar after spending Rs 100 in 5 days of invitation through the mobile app contact list.

Many People are Claiming on Konnect’s Facebook page that they haven’t received the reward amount even they have invited their friends or unique registrars. The Answer/reply posted by Konnect page admin that the registrar must meet 3 conditions for successful getting the reward in your account.

Conditions For Reward

  • Registrar Must be Invited Through App Invite Option Before Account Opening.
  • Registrar Must be Unique fully Verified Account.
  • Important: The Registrar must spend Rs 100 on App Through buying Tickets or Any Regarding Spending on Mobile Top-up Spending not counted upon Depositing and Withdrawing. So Your Registrar Must spend Rs 100 on konnect App through purchasing any service in 5 days of an invite.

Creating Your Account at Konnect is Simple

Konnectorial – How to Register on Konnect

Here’s how you can Register on Konnect:Step 1: Enter your Mobile NumberStep 2: Scan your CNICStep 3: Confirm your detailsStep 4: Accept Terms & ConditionsStep 5: Create your 6-digit PINAnd you’re done! So download Konnect by HBL and choose the package of your choice to get the best deals and discounts! 😎Download now: http://bit.ly/2GvZZ4N #KonnectbyHBL #AbLifeHaiSimple #KonnectPackages #HowToRegister

Geplaatst door Konnect by HBL op Donderdag 13 februari 2020
Konnectorial – How to Register on Konnect

Download Konnect for Android

Download Konnect for IOS

How To WIN PSL free Tickets

The process is very simple that you just again need to invite friends as much as you can. The Winning free tickets are based on every week with the announcing notice. Let say Ali invited 100 friends and the Asim invited 106 Friends But the Zain Invited 109 Friends So the Answer is Simple the top 1st & 2nd will win 2 tickets each of PSL and the remaining will get one ticket and publish also with the top 100 stats poster for transparency.

See The Recent Results

The Bumper Prize leaderboard for HBLPSL Invite Friends week 1 & 2 is out!

How to increase the Winning Chance

You can use your inviting tactics and complete the conditions but the important thing is that you should invite at least 150-300 for making the position in the top 1st and 2nd or 100s for your self and your friend ticket also. So you need to do some effort not just lazily. You have a simple and straight tactic to make WhatsApp group invite your all friends but remember before adding them into group invite them through Phone Contact App list option after that send voice messages into the group we need to spend Rs 100. So then Every buddy will start thinking that why I should spend Rs 100 without any mine serious mean.

So Then you Need to tell them that in this whole week any member of this group whenever required mobile load don’t recharge your mobile through any other source spend through konnect and also having chances of winning. We hope it will encourage your group members to deposit and spend you can also facilitate them via depositing their funds & guide them on how to deposit or you can send funds them also and take cash amount simply.

Feb 3 Week is Running Make Your Position

Invite & Win 100 HBLPSL tickets and earn Rs. 200!

You will be contacted by the HBL Konnect representative through the telephonic channel to confirm your prize and your residence address for sending your tickets at your destination in the meantime.

Let us know that is it you have won any of the konnet PSL free tickets weeks offers or you just tried but can’t complete the condition. If you have any questions regarding the program you can post your question as early as possible to help you win the reward and tickets.