October 21, 2021


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How To Avoid Unwanted Nudity While Browsing Internet & Stay Focused

How To Avoid Unwanted Nudity While Browsing Internet & Stay Focused-EnterSeen.

It is the most common problem which is ignored by most of us when we are browsing the internet mean in the sense, visiting different websites and we found unwanted advertisements or actual content that is hosted and embedded by the admin of the website to attract or hold the visitor on their website.

This kind of phycological retention tactic is not unique or new in the media or internet industry many of the websites or video ads are mostly based on nudity product promotional based and even further the “many” words will not enough to use for this kind of trend but anywise we need to protect individuals and stay them focused to their purpose of using the internet.

Google itself approves those ads which have severe unwanted or purposeless nudity for attention-grabbing advertisements on webpages or on video streaming websites. Thanks to filtering techniques to come in place and help us avoid unwanted purposeless nudity on the internet and protect us, distracting from our actual goal of spending time and money in researching, learning, and developing our creative skills to achieve our short-term and long-term goals.

Let’s discuss and explore what are possible tools and filters to use for helping and in avoid unwanted nude and adult content published or even pushed to us to watch it and successfully distracting us from our main purpose of visiting that particular webpage on the internet.

Personal Preferences

The main and important aspect of avoid such content or especially ads by google or other interest-based algorithmic adverts is to avoid searching or visiting, for example clicking on such ads. One step forward you can turn On the google safe search(Although it’s Turned On by default) to avoid such results in your google searches or feeds such as to discover and other virtual feeds surfaces.

The local Govt. has already taken a lot’s efforts around the world for protecting the nationals to surf the internet safely and purposefully. So if you concern to hold your self back for the rest of life from distractions produced by the pornography industry you can contact your ISP(Internet Service Provider) for blocking such content host addresses that loading and requesting to such networks could help you more effectively.

You can take further specific steps towards almost complete filtering such content networks by blocking such adverts running and supporting network host address by your personal router, modem, internet device.

How to Block Adult Ads Networks From Showing Ads in Your Browser Tabs?

If you are visiting any webpage, website and found something related to nudity or adult destructive content you can simply block it but the first important thing is that make sure that particular block of element content should not be hosted on the URL that is related to your interest, for example, you search some query on google and found exactly what you are thinking about When you tried open that particular result hosted webpage and found some sidebar widgets adverts or banners which are coming from another partnered probably advert networks who are involved commercially in the adult advertising business. you can simply block it by installing a simple all-in-one chrome extension called Site Blocker Offered by scawalakalin.

Site Blocker

By using this extension you cannot just block the current URL of such content hosts also you can block their child addresses such as adultcontenthostswebpages.eom/childaddress which are related to this domain you can block them also. If you mistakenly block anything related to your right interest don’t worry you can simply unblock the website address easily by visiting the extension view blocked sites settings.

Site blocker chrome extension

How To Filter & Block All Websites Contains Nude Images, Visuals & Avoid The Hurdle Blocking One By One Host Address Manually?

Yes, you can do this simply by using the chrome extension called NSFW Filter aka Not Safe for Work. This extension is simply made for the people who are professionally surfing the internet and want to avoid such adult-related images which cause them a distraction and mood changes significantly and consequently lead them towards watching porn. This extension helps you a lot if you want to recover from severe pornography watching routines or any kind of related addictions. You can select the preferences according to your self whether you want to use this extension to filter on all sites or want to use it on a specific one.

NSFW Filter

Do let us know Tips, Tricks, and ideas how you are protecting your self from unwanted advertisements which contain unusual nude images that distract you from actual task cause wastage of a lot of time and energy.