October 21, 2021


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Earn $5 Daily From URLlinker.com

Earn $5 Daily From URLlinker.com

various platforms are offering online earning opportunity for their users to just shortening the links which are shared widely on the websites.

some platforms are just claiming and not exactly working in actual means but we need the actual platform which are actually offering what they are doing.

What is Link Shortner

The link shortener websites are sites where the long lengthy URL addresses are make for short URL and generate unique domain name with the short url address.

According to the the short URL generator requirement the user use the platform API to generate the short links through after the platform domain name.

Join URLLINKER Earn 5$ Daily


the newly Android platform called URLlinker.com you can join this platform and experience the newly and project called URLLINKER.com with the new features and environment where you can fulfill your requirements regarding your url shortening services and you can also get awesome return on your traffics.

Earn Upto $5 Daily

As an individual user you can earn $5 daily but remember this is up to $5 daily you can earn yes this is possible by just putting some effort on daily basis. if you have a WhatsApp group or have a good community where you can share your articles and related day to day information for just shortening the addresses to this URL shortener and get return on your effort with you put on daily basis.

Earn $5 Daily Copy Past Work

$5 Sign up Bonus

Currently the platform promotional campaign is running you can get $5 bonus if you sign up on the platform manually entering your email and password make sure you are a new user and don’t cheat the platform if you cheat the platform you can’t withdraw your income throw this platform.

The promotional campaign is running currently now a days we don’t know that when this campaign will end as the platform has not yet confirmed about the expiration date on any regarding community Network announcement page so you can join the platform as you like to earn from copy paste work.

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How URL Websites Generate Revenue

The URL shortening websites mainly generate the revenue from advertisements. Therefore with you see massive advertisements on these kind of platforms when you login on this platform you see ads on member area also you will see the ads on URL shortening Redirecting Page.

The other but not much healthy way of making revenue from URL shortening like websites they add the advertisement membership campaign account as a premium Access on the platform through paid amount payment system through the administrative make revenue through paid membership accounts.

The paid membership plan allowed the users to put ads on this platform and the traffic which are visiting the direction bade they reach your ads and land the traffic on your interests.

we will cover for the fundamentals and models of URL shortening and how this kind of concept are working on the Internet and world wide Web.

and also we will cover in further articles and post how the URL shortening website make huge income from their massive traffic.

We will also cover how these kind of platforms build and how you can build these kind of platforms and you can also take part in your life through the URL shortening platform and experience the working behaviour and how these kind of platform the work in actual times.

share your experience which you get with this platform and we will review the withdraws and pros and cons of this platform in the comments below.