October 21, 2021


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PTCL Introduces Unique 4G Charji Unlimited Packages

PTCL Introduces Unique 4G Charji Unlimited Packages

Ptcl Pakistan telecommunication company limited introduces their unique 4G Charji internet package data service for Karachi users of unique package with only 1499 Rupees.

Yes we know 1500 Pakistani Rupees with the unlimited data of fair use 150 GBs.

Charji 4G Cloud Package

Geplaatst door PTCL op Vrijdag 27 december 2019

Rs 1499/. Monthly

The package you can avail on the device of ptcl Charji 4G a cloud-based rechargeable device which you can use mobile like device you can enjoy internet facility when you are moving here and there mobile type service while carrying a hotspot device.

Package the name of unlimited data with the allotted limit of 150 GB in total after Balance Loading 1499 just for Karachi users.

Ptcl introduces this package just for the popularity of their new version of the charji device most of the people are using ptcl broadband connections and other Telenor and zong devices because of their lots of advertisement and volume of sound among customers.

This packages only for new customers of charji ptcl and inactive users of charji device holders for last 45 days in Karachi.

Rs 1999/. Monthly

Upon the above package release lots of other cities people argued that why ptcl only introduces and limit the customer for only Karachi why not that kind of offer for other cities?

Offer Availing Guide

Therefore might be ptcl introduces the other type of package related to this for inactive and new users of PTCL Charji.

In 1999 rupees you can avail this offer but it’s limited for new and inactive users of last 45 days if you have not use your charji for last 45 days you can avail this offer and also new registrations of charji devices can also avail this offer.

lots of people complain and have bad views and opinions about ptcl services because of lots of noice on internet and amoung the customers that ptcl services are lagging and not performing well like other companies. Our unbiased experience we have experience lots of good aspects of ptcl services.

Ptcl provide comparatively cheap and valuable services in Pakistan related to other companies. currently ptcl charji speed is around 30 MBPS to 40 MBPS in major cities of Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other major cities where customers are Uses Pakistan.

basically the internet speed specifically in wireless connections speed is matter on the users in a particular area and the specific speed providing in that area so when the particular speed and their users are increases and the speed is still not remains accordingly in that area then the speed become insufficient and the users experiences less than the Mentioned before.

Currently ptcl Charji users are very less in Pakistan and gradually moving on this service therefore it will also suffer might be lots of downtimes when the users increases.

Share your experiences and opinions about this ptcl recently introduced packages and Had you holding any of ptcl cloud device and have you use any ptcl wireless service in past and what’s your experience about it. Post the screenshots of speedtest of ptcl wireless service in your Areas.