October 21, 2021


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Lahore: Police Requested PTA To BAN PUBG

Lahore: Police Requested PTA To BAN PUBG

Players Unknown Battles Ground online video game founded in 2017 by Tencent Games since over 100 million-plus downloads even though the game having currently 1.7GB space required with high graphic processing required on mobiles.


The game required internet connectivity to play despite that heavy resources required the game to have been so popular and now been lots of their users or players get addicted to it and now tragedies coming from localities that it’s putting server life-threatening effects on teenagers.

The educational institutes are on hold, teenage and adults are not much concentrated to their studies and feel boredom at home and due to unhealthy activities get addicted to mobile phones and here is the game come to play with the extremely time consuming and energy-wasting, unproductive activity teenage do it often a day while staying at home or anywhere can connect through the internet in group players on PUBG.

PUBG BAN In Pakistan

Throughout this month the local police in Lahore receive different cases regarding suicides that the highly addictive game PUBG causes life-threatening effects on their players as well as users. In Lahore, two victims of PUBG did suicide upon stopping by parents to leave it. Police and media cover the event and rises this issue to legal institutions of state to take BAN decision for PUBG to protect citizen’s life from this life-threatening game.

Lahore Police has written requested to PTA(Pakistan telecom authority) and FIA to BAN PUBG server access in Pakistan but the institutions have not yet taken it seriously enough to make it possible.

Excess Of Usage Vs Balance

Although it is our individual’s responsibility to guide our youngsters and children that what are the benefits and drawbacks of technology in our life. It is now been familiar to all of us that without a mobile phone or completely cutting our selves from the internet is not possible for us and it’s hard to manage that’s why we need an appropriate balance between our life and technology either in case of entertainments or even you have a relation with tech as a professional.

PUBG BAN vs Video Games Career In Pakistan

Different Pakistani youtube channels are based on gaming category and their audience or viewership is solely coming on game streaming where the majority viewers like those streams where their favorite games are playing online and showing. Now been the popular games are PUBG and Call of Duty where the basic concept of playing is the same and causes addiction and severe life-threatening effects.

If Pakistan will ban PUBG there is the argument come from the relative community that bans all the games in this region to destroy the gaming trend in this region and completely vanish games like PUBG video games which cause together. So arguably it is important that institutions not gonna taking any decision before fully analyzing the problem whether it’s required to re-educate the masses about technology effects on our life or ban everything and then users start violating the rules through proxies.