October 21, 2021


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Easypaisa Introduces The New Look for 2020

As we all know the digital currency era is growing day by day and the private companies also want to make their microfinance banks and start the digital payment system through mobile application globally.

Easypaisa by Telenor

Easypaisa easypaisa is started in 2009 with the invention of Bitcoin year popular digital currency also known as cryptocurrency now been popular mobile digital payment system application called easypaisa by Telenor microfinance Bank also partner with tameer bank.

the headquarter of easypaisa is in Lahore Telenor microfinance Bank branch less banking provide by Telenor and easypaisa subcategory company in payment system within Pakistan.

New 2020 look

The most popular 2020 the easypaisa backend team not wait for the next year launch in the end of 2019 and you can also say in the mid of 2019 the easypaisa development team introduces the new logo of easypaisa company mobile application user interface is also enhanced and get ready with the new year 2020 with fastest and easiest payment system pay with QR code also you can pay widely within the Pakistan.

we are hoping that company will introduce and launch the international payment system as well with partnering with other digital payment channels.

early 2019 was little bit and convenient and more difficult than now the application was has loading issues and also have lots of bugs regarding payment and top-up services problem but now you can see the real changes in the user interface and fastest reliability of the digital payment system called easypaisa by Telenor microfinance Bank.

After the successful launch and running of easypaisa company lots of other mobile banking apps are launched by traditional banks in Pakistan as well HBL bank alfalah mezaan bank and all other banks are now entering in the digital payment branchless banking system.

We are now very hopeful and excited for the next crypto currency and digital payment system in all around the world with the fastest and quickest easiest payment system now you can pay your tea charges to your bills your utilities and all the things are now hassleless and convenient no need to worry about all the payments you need to pay the payment are hassleless and pay automatically from your wallet without the hassle of your mind.

what’s your views on digital payment system and do you like the cashless society in 2020.