October 20, 2021


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Does Uploading WhatsApp Status Timely Make You Feel Happy

Does Uploading WhatsApp Status Timely Make You Feel Happy

The days when were you want to share our mind thoughts and want to express our feelings to others are not must easy or meaningful usual but with the time been we started making our friends whose thinking and nature should be matchy with our nature.

Sharing Thoughts

This is very common in our day to day life that in our mind junk of thoughts comes daily, study shows that around 60k – 80k thoughts come in our human brain.

As usual, some are based on our current circumstances, some are related to past and uniquely people concern about their future.

All about thoughts come and our brain processes them based on their priority level if they have some valued memory attachment chances are they will stay in our mind and revolve one day to various days.

So the point is that when we willingly that what we are feeling, thinking and wanting should be immediately shared with another one so because thoughts often not have any pre-known time to come in the brain these come often at random times.

Some time comes while we are walking, standing, sitting and sometimes often come before sleep or if you are a busy person mostly then you will get them when you feel free or relax.

Whatever it is, our brain has to bring ideas.

Note Down

Writing is Also not a Bad thing you should note down whenever you see found or think got an ideal model of the concept.

The latest style of sharing your thoughts is Facebook then publication sites and now finally for a long time from when the WhatsApp finalizes the stories feature for every one of the users.

WhatsApp Status

Everyone has a mobile phone now an era of modern communication and fashionable thinking styles everyone wanted to appear unique and try to show his self different from anyone around him.

Therefore they always try to update WhatsApp status care so that the other people who are in his circle he think that they think about geniously or some unusual person from society.

This thing is not completely bad but being a normal human being trying to original don’t be confused and matchy in your own self-life.

So the main point was this post was that whenever got new or older stuff either it’s interesting for others or not now we feel it interesting and enjoyed it now it’s our habitual mindset to post it on WhatsApp story is the most important task of the day will be missed.

So what you think and call it like subconsciously WhatsApp stories/status posting addicted Illuioned person or you think it’s important to everyone who likes to update their circle timely whether they pay attention to it or not.

Feeling Happy About Status Views

Social media provide us an efficient tool to spread our thoughts to other time and willingly, therefore, some people use that feature or service as blessings and take the best benefit from it through their smart decisions.

Sharing or uploading a random and meaningless or we can say Illuioned status to showing be a try to look different it’s not even worth it try to be real and expose your self if you are not a introvert person.

Feeling happy or even some proud when someday number if view relatively increases and thinking that people are now paying me attention it’s not like that what you are thinking.

Actually, UI is very forcibly to very shorter or can be say that simpler to use their for an average user to just open WhatsApp bye seeing the Notification of Someone’s Message they will indirectly or Unintentionally swipe left-right in actual subconsciously and see the status without payout enough attention to what actually on screen until you have posted some sufficient engagement attractive stuff to stretching the taper to put stop figure and pay enough attention.

Then you can feel about you increase the number of views in your big contact list circle.