October 21, 2021


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TikTok Ban Why Cringe Content Should Not Acceptable


Around the world, in different regions of the globe people start questioning TIKTOK content and start criticizing in a very critical way that where we are going and what was our values and what we are trying to achieving in our lives.

TikTok Short Video Making Platform

Initially, Tiktok was started with the name of musically in 2014 in the month of March and after that Changes its name Several times, and finally, back in 2018 it changes its name from musically to Tik Tok.  Bytedance company is behind the Tiktok project basically it’s developed in the Chinese region and Chinese developers are involved in its development phase. Chinese internet entrepreneur Zhang Yiming founded bytedance in 2012 and so far in 2019 monthly billion users of TikTok and the net worth of 75 billion-dollar company. According to its user growth and global recognition it’s one of the most valuable projects in the world.

Why TikTok Become Hateful

The very common reason of its hatefulness and become very cringy to people and people start hating Tiktok is due to its flood of purposeless and full of useless and non-productive meaningless content.

From school students to college boys and girls and how much you can imagine that anyone can make content and start filming so its type of flood which is cannot be acceptable and people start making anything, they want from hating someone to loving someone, from abusing someone to appreciating someone It’s become completely flood and flood of everything.

TikTok Directionless Type Of Content

We are not sure about your personal opinion and we can not sure which type of content could be meaningless for some individuals or what will be the usual criteria for some individuals that they call the content which is meaningless and useless either it could be comedy in a useless direction psychologically nothing and just consume watching energy but just feed confusion in your mind.

We cannot show you the evidence of meaningless, directionless content producing continuously with proper consistency to waste the time of masses and put them in a confused fantasy state. We don’t want any liability to find that potentially should be taken down from the platform because some people redirect from here to another more cringe content due to their toxic tastes.

CrackDown About TikTok in India

Indian Citizens are no more lazy about TikTok toxic content they collectively take decisions and showed apparently about TikTok to uninstall or take serious action about the teenager’s precious time, energy to build something not just for the nation also for the globe to write their history with golden parameters.

There is no doubt in a phrase that ”TikTok is Cancer” Surely you can say that the content of TikTok suggests based on geographical locations and if you are Indian or Asian you will see your lang content and seems to be familiar about it but what about quality of time spend and the thing is that why you watch that you potentially don’t want just for the sake of auto-suggestion it’s not your fault it’s TikTok cancerous Algo.

#TikTokBAN Twitter Trends

Indian YT community and also throughout social media mostly you will see the negative avoiding sentiment about TikTok. You can say that people are now tired of cringe content and they want a long break.

More Than 16 Million Subscribers Indian Youtuber Technical Guruji Uninstalling TikTok App From Their Phones And Pretending Like ”Cleaning My Phone” As Technical Guruji aka Gaurav Chaudhary.

What About TikTok Dependent Celebrities?

In different regions of the world including India different individuals gain enough single publicity for not just to gain viewership as comedy stuff they made money through this that’s why banning TikTok is equals to kicking on the source of income on those individuals. The telecom authorities take care of this and the general opinion is to add dislike depreciation button on TikTok to take e down those cringes content from the platform.

TikTok As Addiction

Phonologically if we look at the content of the application and how the users stream it, not be the wrong judgment that it seems to be an addiction for average minds who used to it daily bases and spend hours & hours and then they end up say “Oh Lot’s Time Wasted” that’s why they use it again for temporary useless, directionless pleasure again and the loop never ends just like other addictive drugs. TikTok is highly addictive because it just requires little attention with a purer mind. You will dive into it and it will eat your time just like Tik Tok, Tik Tok tik, tok and you will alert suddenly realize that what happened to me, you instantly move on and back to your work again and try to avoid this kind of wastage again happen to your life.