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Jazz Launched Another App JazzDrive Cloud Storage Service

jazz had recently launched jazz drive application cloud storage service by jazz private storage database service on App store and also on web application for storing online data pictures files etc.

Jazz Apps

jazz had already lots of services like jazz discounts jazz stream jazz magazine and jazz cash as well as lots of services had already running on Google play store and App store where the users get benefits from the jazz services.


Simple like Google drive and drop box and like online cloud storage application services jazz drive is another example of cloud storage database nowadays lots of people have problem on mobile memory storage they have installed memory card like 128 GB 1 TB and Size like that.
Now the problem is that maintaining the hardware is very inconvenient for some people so the cloud storage is a easiest option to store your long term memories on cloud database not having hassle and worries about data saving and database protection.
so now jazzdrive has solve the problem with their own services jazz offering free storage upto 5 GB.

You can also purchase premium membership as a basic plan and premium plan where you get in 25 GB is for 20 PKR per month.
The other plan is 600 + PKR for unlimited storage per month
so here is some services differences and price differences this is the week points In this jazz drive application probably this is the early stage, so you can say that the startup is very new and you cannot rely on it completely.

Existing Competitors Services

Comparatively the dropbox and Google drive is more convenient than the jazz drive because they have fast speed easy to access.
Good Photos cloud server upto 15 GB high definition original quality photos storing option.
There is Google photos and Google drive is different Sperate dedicated application platforms as well as cross platform service.

Security Level

Based on current jazz drive security level enquiry we can say that the jazz drive application is not much holding user base so you can say that you are less protective on jazz drive application that your data is where on which server or which location is storing is not yet completely sure and not yet reliable space to store your data confidently.
comparatively the Google drive or Google photos and Dropbox internationally dealing companies are more confidently reliable space to store your data and you can also rely on their privacy policies because they are more cautious about their user data and international user data privacy acts.
conclusively we can say that this is a great start up from jazz cloud jazz drive and users are now able to use the jazz drive specifically for the jazz customers because you need to use jazzdrive through the jazz mobile number if you are not holding as number you can’t use this application in our experience we are not currently able to login through any other mobile number the users of jazz customers can only log into app after they enter the jazz number and confirm through OTP code.
share your views about the jazz drive application is there a worth full service launched by jazz or you think that it will be flop in future and cannot be much appreciate by the community of digital cloud storage.


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