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How To Access Youtube Ads Video Resource Link

Curious to know how to access or find the resource link of youtube video ads and want to access the actual link which is playing on the youtube player as sponsored ads.

Youtube Sats For Nerds

This is very easy simply you see any ad on the desktop browser just click on the right-click and select Sats For Nerds and here you will see the different details simply copy the Video ID from the top left first starting following the Video ID / sCPN XXXXf2WZpo / 8JDXXXX9NV9 copy the video ID after sCPN provided, copy it and then past it in the browser address bar but enter ID like this and visit this link you will see the actual video source which you are watching or playing in the youtube sponsored video player.

Youtube Sats For Nerds

Another Way to Access Youtube Video Ads resource Link

Copy debug info

To access the youtube video ads links or original upload link to download or access it again whether whatever your reason is to access the video. So you can access it by right-clicking and click copy debug info to copy it and paste the copied information anywhere on the notepad or text area where you want to be. preferred is where you can find within text content the short search keyword is debug_videoId and copy the following video ID in front of it provided.

Copy debug info youtube video ad resouce link

Access it by just link and visit the link like this and here you will access the actual URL resource link of the video ad you saw on youtube.


Why We Need To Access Youtube Video Advert Orignal Link

Often times we browse youtube and while watching youtube without adblockers and found something amazing and rightly to our interests but need to save the screenshot or any sort of reference need to save and sometimes the whole particular video has some amazing and mind-blowing content. We wondering to watch it again or complete without skipping or want to watch it later but due to the advert. you know ads never came again according to our exact wishes but yes these shows according to our interests but they come and go without any proper hand to hand control that’s why accessing the youtube Ads link will be a great option.


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