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What are Virtual Numbers? How To Get Free Legally

There are tons of platforms are not just claiming actually providing you their services with their personal business policies and respective condition within the scope of technical facilities.

In this article, we are going to see the options available online on google or anywhere on the web where we can avail this offer with almost no cost to pay for getting our virtual number and can be used for our personal or any kind of business needs maybe you want to use it on social media and want to create your separate WhatsApp business account to manage clients separability or maybe any other possible reason you have to explore it.

Virtual Number

Claim Free Online Virtual Number

First of all, if you have not basic familiarization of that what is a virtual number? or what are virtual numbers and why we need those number or maybe why and how these number works? Is it Using a Virtual number safe?

The virtual numbers are just like any number you see on the screen that means it operates only on your side on the phone or app you are using through the system that means someone is physically holding somewhere in the world maybe they are the VoIP providing services group or company and they are charging for providing these services.

Why People Use Virtual Numbers?

Especially the virtual numbers are intended to create and operated by VoIP services companies to provide local calling, SMS, incoming and Outgoing call facility for those who don’t want to register their self directly with the particular country or region territory Telecom company or they are using the number from abroad and want to use it from their local telecom services facility or having about business interests. The common and demanding factor of virtual numbers is cheaper cost than standard calling rates and services.

How Virtual Number Works?

With the basic understanding of VoIP calling technology, Full form of Voice Over Internet Protocol. Means simple the voice coming from the analog signals converted into digital packets and can be transferred throughout the internet and unpacks and can be heard through phone speakers on the receiver end using the internet. Some hardware components are required for setup a VoIP system and can be successfully establishing a connection between Sender and Receiver through the internet and can establish a much cheaper and better quality of communication all over the globe. Read More

Let’s Own A Virtual Number

May you want to explore this feature of the internet or you may have a serious concern about the virtual numbers and curious to know how to buy or get free one legally without any blockage or illegal consequences.

To buy or own a virtual number generally, you need to pay a specific amount on the monthly or annual basis for the business running cost and your usage charges. So that means it is not free to use virtual numbers or VoIP calls.

Top Well Known VoIP Calling and Virtual Number Providers


Skype is one of the oldest and most established created by Estonians in 2003 and purchased by Microsoft Around $8.56 Billion in 2011. skype is providing well-renowned VoIP calling services and along with them, they are providing temporary renewal based Virtual numbers with your customized Caller IDs. You can use Skype bu connecting your Microsoft account and can call through the internet freely. If you are intending to use VoIP to local numbers calling you can purchase their given packages or you can use the Free trial for quality check and for exploration phase.


This company is also very old and well established in cloud communications providing its services from early 2000 and recognized very well from the international clients and the headquarters of this company in California united states.


It is also the top-level cloud-based communication and voice over internet protocol service provider with over 150K businesses already using their services and holding the trust level from 2006.


Greatly established from 2003 and also providing free trials for your quality assurance and you can avail their services with affordable cost. This company is providing their services on cross platforms like android, IOS and you can access it on desktop as well.

How To Get the Free USA Or Very Cheap Virtual Number?

Numero e-Sim

Get Your Free Virtual Number

This company is really bringing revolution through its lower cost providing service throughout the world by giving freeware options to use their services just currently starting from 1 EUR /Month. You can avail them on android for a paid plan as well as free options by completing some tasks daily to get 200 coins for a month and can use USA virtual number for a month and you can also renew with coins next month.

Numero eSim

How To Get Free Numero esim Virtual Number for Social Media And Other Usage?

To get your free virtual number is really free actually not. Yes, you don’t need to pay any currency amount but you are paying them some value in terms of ads viewing and completing given tasks so in short, it’s not providing their any service for free. they are actually charging or earning the served amount from ads built in app and showed occasionally upon intentional calling or auto mode.

GET Your Free WhatsApp Number

How to earn coins to get Numero eSim virtual number?

You can earn coins through following ways in Numero esim Android App.

You Can Read More Here in Accuracy Detailed.

The validity of your earned coins is 2 weeks so if you have fewer coins after 13 days you can buy required coins buy paying them simply otherwise remaining earnings will expire shortly. The weird thing is that you cannot manually enter the amount of purchase in-app currently you can either purchase 50 coins or 250 which means you unable to get it in a budgetary way if you are unable to complete tasks in 14 days.

IS It Safe To Use Virtual Number Provided By International Companies?

As long as you are connected with legal and legitimate VoIP services provider you don’t need to worry about it because they follow the local territory telecom laws and under controlled by jurisdictions of telecom authorities to regulate the services. Numero eSIM provider is using a complete real identical pattern to recognize the user of VoIP virtual number service either you are free on coins or purchasing their services through Google play payment. They will use the real number verification and then you have to activate the service according to their policy of verification.


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