Ways to Get Lots of Visitors on Your Links

landing lots of visitors on your links and earning money from this way is little bit easy but hard to understand and finding the way to landing lots of traffic on your posted links.

On daily basis billions of people use internet and surf billions of web pages so there is some ways to land and get visitors from different sources.

Revenue Stream

The main and strong way of revenue through visitors clicks on different web pages is advertisement and the fundamentals of earning ways while visiting the links of different traffic is ads, when the viewers will see the ad and click on ads you will earn money from those Advertisements.

Organized Traffic

One of the premium and pre organised environment of traffic and getting lots of visits and interest-based traffic is little bit hard to land without putting hours and days of effort.

The organised traffic is the category of visitors or viewers where the the surfer knows already in that what the purpose of their visiting the particular web page or website or application or whatever platform.

Landing that kind of interest base and a specific kind of categorically people is should be a plan of a particular interest based content and goods and services like platform needed.

Examples of organised traffic is a specific interest of blogs article and publishing websites YouTube Facebook and the sides of particular industry field.

Random Traffic

If you have not the requirement of organised and interest base specific traffic on your websites or links you can get visits differently through random traffic.

There is unlimited ways of getting unlimited random traffic.

But this is kind of traffic is now the oldest model and people think about it weirdly and not suitable because today is the model of targeting and specific traffic.

Therefore Google, Facebook and big advertisement companies are are showing ads on user preferences based on their search history.

Advertisements are important to be shown on basis of targeted user preferences on their cookies history what their interests and what they want to get in life.

But people still using random traffic for getting visits and earn money randomly.

What’s App Groups

Yes definitely you can join different WhatsApp groups and send your links to related WhatsApp groups.

This is sufficient but not much effective way of getting traffic on your required links to earn money.

On WhatsApp people sending their referral links and earning links to get traffic from WhatsApp groups but commonly are ignored by other users due to lots of competition or unrelated and non-interest based links random sending.

Therefore Facebook and direct sending is much more efficient than WhatsApp groups.

Facebook Posting

This is also not a recognisable way to get traffic on your links because Facebook don’t like to land their visitors to external web pages which are not related to Facebook and land the user to other websites.

Facebook usually send spam and mark the links as spam folder to hide the link from Facebook public wall.

Therefore posting links on Facebook is completely unethical and worthless.

Social Media Apps

There is lots of uncountable social media applications on play store and different apps stores where you can use and create your account join groups like telegram and other applications where you can send your links and get traffic like WhatsApp.

The specific and efficient way to get traffic on your links is to make group and make a environment where everyone know that this is a mutual earning group and click on others links to get traffic and mutual benefits.

External Back Linking

This is another recognisable way to get traffic on your links and land unlimited traffic on your web pages through external back linking.

What is basically external backlinking?

So now Facebook and social media platforms are still in under discussion mode but you should use it precisely and organising for external backlinking way of traffic.

The common and usual mean to get traffic on your external backlinks through YouTube and artical posting on different famous websites where the visitors like to click for based on their interests into articles.

Like if you are reading this article and I will give you a link in between article text and land you to another website where I have short my links or show you different advertisement to make money.

So this kind of external backlinking traffic getting is very common and much more effective than other methods and this is also active way of getting traffic this way is not gonna inactive or non working way this will work in long-term.

You can also share your preferred way of getting random traffic on your links in the below comment section so that we will also learn from new preferred traffic getting tactics.


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