VELO Pouches Review Why You Should Avoid It

VELO is only good or helpful for those who want to quit smoking or even avoiding, getting rid of the worse addiction of nicotine dopamine addiction So if you are not artificially nicotine addict or smoking cigarette customer don’t buy VELO

VELO pouches a brand by R. J. Reynolds Vapor Company working in the US and Made in Europe especially the VELO is came from Europe. The VELO pouches are launched by Pakistan Tobacco Company to regulate the use of addictive drugs and control the sale of health-risk products.



What is VELO Pouches

The VELO pouches are made up of some ingredients which are specifically for satisfying the need of cigarette addictive users who want to save themselves from highly addictive and health-risk, harmful smoking effects and getting rid of cigarette consumption.

VELO Ingredients

The VELO company administrative claims that the pouches contain tobacco-free naturally derived nicotine, water, eucalyptus, and pine tree fibers, flavoring, and sweeteners.

Naturally Derived Nicotine

When we talk about naturally derived nicotine or no-tobacco nicotine or tobacco-free nicotine their is another type of nicotine which is synthetic nicotine which is not natural at all and it’s made in Europe laboratories and it’s produced by one of the manufactures Chemnovatic and this type of nicotine are made from chemical formulas and matching with natural tobacco chemical composition characteristics which are not natural but claim as pure nicotine as well by manufactures.

Don’t Buy or Use VELO Pouches If You are not Consumer or User Of Smoking

If we discover the natural food concentration of nicotine, there are many vegetables like potato, tomato, broccoli, Okra and eggplant which are containing a less but negligible concentration of nicotine so if the VELO ingredients have sourced from foods like these then it’s could be said that the nicotine in VELO is by nature.


The eucalyptus is the chemical found in gum trees plants that mainly use as oil with diluted in other solvents to reduce the intensity of properties. The eucalyptus is not enough safer to use generally without taking sufficient consultation with some health-care professionalist, So before using VELO you must consider your current medical condition only when you want to alter from smoking.

Don’t Use VELO IF

The conditions in which are relying never on ever should use or buy or even consume one pouch at all if you are not the cigarette user or nicotine customer in past or not so far then never ever you should avoid it completely Because it contains nicotine and it’s highly addictive once you use it you will desire for one another more and the loop never ends easily.

IF You are not medically fit or having any previous medication routine like diabetes then this is not suitable at-all for pregnancy it put worse effects on your birth-delivery as well as not good at all for breastfeeding women.

Side Effects Of VELO Pouches Eucalyptus Ingredient

VELO has also mentioned in their FAQs that using their pouches while under some conditions like below 18 age, breastfeeding women, pregnant or diabetes patients medication routine they should not use it.

You should never ever swallow or chewed VELO pouches because it contains harmful chemicals that put adverse effects on the stomach and causes vomiting, diarrhea, burning, suffocation, dizziness, muscle weakness, small eye pupils and other medical complications. You should not use it more than 2-3 times a day because it contains nicotine which rises your brain dopamine level which gives you feel better and sensation of pleasure. Consuming too much nicotine causes other psychotic and other medical problems.

Age Confusion About VELO Customers


If we see the current ads and go to their PK version website it has mentioned that you must be 18 years old or older to use VELO pouches but if we visit the global version of the VELO website it has mentioned on the first page that you must be a smoking customer and also 21 years old or older to consume VELO.

Check their FAQ in the European version of the website

If you will visit from Pakistan they will redirect to so you can not visit directly their global version so you need to visit through VPN you will see that the global version has some differences from local and global version information and precautionary measures so that’s why you must consider it safer if you are above 21 age or at least 21 years old and also if you are smoking addict.

Is It VELO Pouches Are Party Drug

If We look at the ads of VELO Pakistan You may seem to be something mood booster or having some party club gathering joining and occasions meetings attending medicine to help you stay active and pushing this product for everyone for day to day use and even they call it as nicotine super addictive product. Yes, you can consider VELO pouch as a party drug because of the similar effects which are common in dance clubs or night clubs use for artificially mood booster or sensation of pleasure.

So it’s preferable to stay away from it and don’t even impress from their commercials and songs they are using in the background to retain customers and gain profit by playing with general public health that’s why it’s very important to spread awareness about these health-risky products.

Don’t Buy Use VELO Pouches If Your not Consumer User Of Smoking


The VELO contain nicotine and other artificial dopamine rises and pleasure giver ingredients which causes habitually addictive thing and also put you in a fantasy world which is shown by nature as a drug.

In Islam anything which you see or drink eat or use for temporary artificially give you the sensation of pleasure and potentially harmful medically and wastage of money, time and energy as well as addictive it is completely HARAM and should be avoided in a lifetime you can watch the below video by Famous Islamic Preacher Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik discussing and advising about the suggestion and final conclusion on smoking and addictive drugs.

Is Smoking Haraam? – Dr Zakir Naik

If You are Smoking addict and want to quit it and want to know how to use VELO then watch the below video.

If you had to use VELO we like to hear from you that what’s your experience and is it safe to consume it for smoking users and is it helpful for quitting smoking habits and getting rid of cigarettes permanently tell us below in comments.

This publication is released as early research on VELO Health-risky product and it has more scope to analyze it if it contains more dangerous than it marketing hype so that we can show you to the step toward permanent BAN or taking important precautionary measures. VELO has also not mentioned the exact research report on the human body as psychotic or physical reactions that’s why it’s in a suspicious list to consider it helpful or Dangerous?

One Of The Fitness Youtuber Posted Video On Their Opinion Of His One of the co-related fitness practitioner reviews or experience about VELO Pouches.


Tell Us Below about your experience with VELO pouches If you have ever used to help other newbies that is it VELO safer to consume for smoking addicts and is it helpful in quitting the habit of using cigarettes.


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