JamaLife Global Review Another Ponzi Scheme

First of all you need to know what is a ponzi scheme? So friends, let me tell you that the Ponzi scheme is a scheme that shows from history that a medium in which any one or two people or a group of some slaves together create an advertising program in which they It is a very lousy thing to collect money from ordinary people by giving them green dreams, making their lives more difficult and giving money to other people in the society living with them by giving them crazy and literary information through them.

Jamalife Global Marketing Plan

Like other Ponzi schemes, the company is luring people into its trap by offering crores, as usual, to drive people crazy. As a sensible person, you should consider that to get a job of fifteen to twenty thousand you have to work ten to fifteen years from birth and to get education and experience. It takes you twenty years to travel and looking at the claims of this company you are told that all you have to do is pay five dollars and all you have to do is send your commission to this company. For and then your outgoing people will pay this company for their commission and for a while you will feel like you are earning something but this is a very dangerous trap which in the end is very It will be harmful and unfortunate.

You may think that the writer of this article may not have thought positively so he could not understand this plan and is discouraging people with his negative thinking.

Who founded Jamalife Global and where is the company’s fraud?

JamaLife Company Four years ago today, a man from Nigeria and a Belgian man named Kart Maes, whose special data is not available on the Internet, we cannot tell you who this man is and what his biography is. Which is to know what a person is capable of in real life.

Kurt Maes claims to improve people’s lives

90% of the reality of JamaLife Global Company is that this company, like Charles Ponzi, is a dangerous and money laundering crime of taking money out of the pockets of independent people by dreaming.

You should be aware that when you are sending your money to a website that is being operated by a person from abroad, he can shut it down at any time and run away. Also, you should know that no government Ponzi scheme is legal and the government warns you not to invest in any scheme which is not legal on our behalf. It leaves you free to do whatever you want.

Nigeria is one of the poorest economies in the world whose economy has fallen below the norm. The business model of the people here is not strong enough to bring in international money. That the natives there have decided to do such a heinous trick so that money comes to their country from other countries. I can spend Test your greed by showing you some promotional videos.

What’s wrong with us joining Ponzi Scheme Multi Level Marketing to make money and get rich quick?

After interest banking, the Ponzi scheme and empty multi-level marketing are a major threat to the country’s economy. For any successful and prosperous society, it is important that business flourishes and job seekers get their organized and stable jobs and a business people have a pleasant and stable environment for their business so that they can provide the necessities of life for each other and provide facilities and services.

Money itself has no value unless it can buy something, so for a society to be successful and prosperous, it’s economy and business model must be the best, which is the true standard of the Ponzi scheme business. They only make people circulate money by giving them a lure of a few numbers, which is a big blow to the country’s economy, which causes young people to sacrifice their abilities and sacrifice for greed.

In developed countries, the government gives public awareness on how to avoid these schemes and the people who make these schemes come in disguise and say that we are doing business but their real goal is to surround new people and get money out of their pockets. Sadly, due to the lack of attention from the government in the subcontinent and the African region, ordinary people who are innocent and in a hurry to make money I get caught up in these cycles but with timely information and real success in real business and real life you have to understand the basics then you can be a part of a prosperous society.


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